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Welcome to globalbum. If you like to save money while traveling you should enjoy this web-site. The motto at globalbum is "always offer less." Don't be afraid to speak up. We will teach you techniques that can be handed down from generation to generation.

You will learn how to get arrested to save money on a hotel room. You will learn how to locate bridges and piers to sleep under. You will learn how to sleep standing up. You will learn which hotel bathrooms are the best to take a sponge bath in.

You will learn how to book an airline ticket with the most stopovers in order to save money. You will learn how to find weddings in foreign countries and enjoy the buffet. You will learn how to keep your mouth shut when someone undercharges you. You will learn how to get into embassy parties and party with government employees. You will learn to spot and avoid pickpockets at tourist sites.

I have been traveling for the past 27 years and have always slept sound and never had food poisoning. OK maybe once I got sick, but that's what whiskey and liver pills are for. If you like franchise hotels with room service, you need to leave this web-site now.....

Oh, your still reading? OK then, enjoy the journey. And remember you can never be too short or too good looking.


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